Upgraded to windows 10. Now I can't calibrate controls

I just upgraded my PC to windows 10. I am using P3D version 3.4 and everything works perfectly so far except the Q400 which is my most flown aircraft, When I launch the Q400, immediately the error chime starts sounding, The PFD keeps flashing, and the aligning message keeps flashing. When I move my throttle, the yoke moves, the tiller is erratic. Elevator doesn't work. I have triple checked all control assignments in FSUIPC, and controls in P3D are disabled. My Pmdg737, and A2A aircraft work perfectly with no control problems at all. At this point should I try and uninstall and reinstall of my Q400 Pro edition? Can I install the Q400 Pro after uninstalling my current version, or do I have to install the Pilot version and then the Pro version on top of it?



  • Un-installing and re-installing the Q400 is the most like solution to your issue ..... Be sure to re-install using Administrator Rights

    Your upgrade installer should be adequate.

  • that fixed it.. Thanks. you.

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