Engine 1 Oil Pressure

Hi there

I have been flying the dash 8 in P3D v4 for over a year now and have never had any problems until recently. I have updated to P3D 4.5 with the hotfix

Loading the aircraft in the cold and dark state and following the normal procedures everthing is ok until I start engine 1, the engine 1 oil pressure warning light remains on, and I cannot start engine 1.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the aircraft but I still have the same problem, and the problem is still there for all the cockpit states in the control panel, and for all of the different repaints of the dash 8.

At the moment I cannot fly the aircraft, and I'd really appreciate any help with this issue.

Many thanks,



  • HI,

    1. Since you are using the PRO and you have advised that all panel states are creating the issue, we would normally suggest an un-installation and re-installation of the Q400 (which you have advised that you have done, however I would recommend doing that again - Be sure to install the add-on using Administrator Rights)

    2. Are you able to provide a video of your attempted startup?

  • Thanks for the reply, I did the install using admin rights.

    I have a video using the default cockpit state, but it is 32MB in size so I have uploaded to onedrive and provided a link to the video

    I'm sure it is user error but I cannot work out what I'm doing wrong. :-)


  • Have a close look and see what the self induced issue is :smile: -

    Is there is reason why you are extinguishing your no.1 engine AFT fire bottle?

  • thanks for that, I had no idea what was happening.

    The only reason I can think of is that I may have a faulty saitek throttle quadrant which sends random button presses. It was affecting the main and master battery switches, if I turned them on they immediately turn off.

    I thought I had fixed the problem but maybe I haven't.

    Many thanks for your help,


  • so, what is the final word re 0 psi for oil pressure. I have been stuck with same issue for a while.

  • The OP was provided a solution. If you are having issues then kindly provide us with some details.

    Thank you
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