offset and variables

there is the possibility of obtaining the complete list of the offsets and variables of the dash8 ??


  • You have them already in the PRO Edition. We will not offer TRAINING Edition variables as it does not pertain currently released edition.

  • ok thanks, but where can I find the list of variables in my PRO VERSION?

  • It should be located in the DOC folder under "Scripts". The file is called VariablesMap.xlsx

  • ok found thanks, only that it is encrypted, I used "BLOCK NOTES" to open it but nothing, you kindly know which one to use to read the file ?? thank you

  • ok krosswind, I solved for opening the file thanks, I kindly wanted to ask you: I saw in the list of variables that there are no VALUES, example: to assign a value to a LED for switching on or off (1 ON) ( 0 OFF) Do you have any idea how to do to assign the right value of the variable? I use SPAD.NEXT to assign the various dash8 variables in order to interface the commands in a real way. thanks a lot of help

  • Kindly write to us at our Support email for further assistance.


  • DONE, I sent the email to the SUPPORT AREA of majestic software, I hope to have a valid answer, I am stuck with my work unfortunately until I solve this problem good day.

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