MJC Loads in Dark Panel

I just upgraded to P3Dv4.5. Loaded all my PMDG aircraft with no problem. Last night I reloaded the MJC and set the control panel up to include Ready to Taxi. Now, when I open P3D with a flight for the MJC to fly, it only opens with a totally dark panel, no sound, and the outside view shows it about two feet off the ground with the gear retracted. I closed out and reset the Control Panel. No change with trying again. I used a fresh download from SimMarket. Have flown the MJC for years and this is a first for me. The only change I made was in the .ini file to reduce the sound levels so I can hear Radar Contact. I have uninstalled the aircraft until hearing from you. Take care,

Mike Nicholson, Jetline Systems PC, 4.20 Intel 4 Core i7-7700k CDU, Nividia GTX 1060 6GB card, 32722 mbs memory, Windows 10- 64bit, Prepar3D v4.5


  • Re-install the aircraft using Administrator Rights by right clicking on the installer. the issue you describe is indicative of a protection issue (usually driven by an improper installation or in some cases a Window 10 update)

  • OK, but I have discovered another problem I need to rectify first. I have a whole bunch of programs I have purchased at SimMarket. Normally, I am not the Village Wizard, but am not the Village Idiot either. This time, I went right past the 64 bit version and ended up downloading the 32 bit purchase. So, I am about to download the 64 bit and try it again. Will let you know. Mike

  • Well, I guess I have been the Village Idiot. 64 bit sure makes a difference. I guess I need to figure out how to delete some of these SimMarket purchases. I do appreciate your quick response, Mike

  • Glad to hear that you got it sorted out. Yes the 32 bit installation would have caused you nightmares had you not caught on to it.

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