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sorry for a question, do you find that a majestic system update of variables (or something similar) should be done in order for it to be improved with SPAD.NEXT? I say this because I have a problem with the response to the recognition of output variables, the replies arrive late and therefore the LEDs of the programmed outputs turn off just late, thanks.


  • Hello Toppe,

    Did you contact our Support as requested in a previous thread? You have raised a good question for which the proper answers may be granted based on the fact that the TRAINING Edition will have an improved/reworked infrastructure, apart from what we have listed on the product page (The Cockpit Hardware Interface is a UDP based network interface, which allows the numerous MJC8 Q400 components, such as our separate instrument executable, the 2D panel executables, as well as the custom built Dash-8 hardware - to be linked, enabling the user to build a full or a partial hardware cockpit )

    I personally do not use SPAD.NEXT so I am not able to assist you with this.

  • ok kroswynd, thank you, I had contacted the support, and they had replied giving me some partial answers, however I will also turn this question to the support, I am having problems of real-time response on the output of the variants (LEDs), which turn off very delayed compared to the action performed on the program and I cannot continue if I do not solve this problem with my DASH8 Q400 home cockpit

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