variable lights panel warning / caution and cas messages

Good evening to all
you know where can I find, or under which list are all the output variables of the panel lights WARNING / NOTICE AND CAS MESSAGE ??? the panel under the raised panel to make me understand, thanks.


  • Hi,

    In the provided VariablesMap.xlsx file you find under the Caution&Warning tab the following remark:

    "The individual caution light outputs are currently not provided, since the simulators built so far were using the vector screen of the caution panel. If required however, such outputs could be added in the future"


  • well, if a simmer wants to build a real home cockpit it must have these output variables for LEDs, can they be officially requested to implement these variables?

  • The responses you are requesting can be answered via our Support email (The developer is going to be your best option at this time).


  • ok thanks

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