announciator panel does not expand

Hello everyone
I do not understand why since I loaded windows 10 (before I had windows7 pro) I can no longer enlarge the ANNUNCIATOR PANEL panel of my dash8, first I believe it was done with CTR / F8 and now nothing, not only, to change internal views you press key A and external key B, now to change external views I have to press SHIFT/S, someone can explain the reason ?? maybe inadvertently I pressed some other key that inhibited the others I don't know, thanks for the help.
N:B:can you also tell me how do i get the generator to start and remove it? also so that sometimes how much I start the program there is and others don't


  • The CAUTION panel along with other 2D panels id driven by the use of the SHIFT key, and further expanding its size merely requires one to right click on the panel and "un-dock" it which should then allow one to minimize or enlarge to one's liking.

    I really have not much to say regarding your keys used for internal views as we do not change the assigned default configuration or that of the User for the SIM platform.

    By the generator I suspect you speak of the ground power unit (GPU). Depending on the panel state which you have chosen for the Q400 the GPU will be loaded automatically (Cold & Dark and Ready to Board). Once the engines are already running there is no need for the GPU to be attached to the aircraft so it will not be present. One is always able to "REQUEST or CANCEL" the GPU via the FMS under the DATA/SERVICES section.

    For more information kindly refer to the manuals provided with the Q400.


  • OK thanks,
    perhaps an update has been made, because I remember that the 2d panels do; they expand by clicking with the right button of the keyboard and ... unlocking ... the window, but I did not remember that even the announcement panel was in 2d, so I confirm that to enlarge and unlock the announcement panel you do it in the same way as the PFD, or MFD, or FMS etc ??

  • Correct

  • ok, thanks kroswynd I will try to do it.

  • salve kroswynd
    I tried to do as you said, but the caution / warning panel is not in 2d, if I click on it first with the left button, then with the right button (like I do with traditional 2d FMS windows, FMC, PFD etc. ) nothing happens, it seems that the caution / warning panel is not in 2d, I have the PRO version, and I repeat before I got the panel enlarged by doing CTR / F8 or SHIFT / F8 I don't remember, maybe I need to update that maybe I have not done?? how do i check if the reality i have is the last one ??

  • SHIFT 8 brings up the 2D Caution Panel. If this is not working for you, then there may be a third party software that may have changed your default settings

  • I would be grateful if you could answer these 5 question kroswynd.
    1 -I use SPAD.NEXT, do you think it could be that ??
    2- but I used spad, next even when the announcer panel was enlarged regularly.
    3- I had windows 7 pro before, now windows 10, do you think it might have affected the change of operating system?
    4- if I tried to uninstall and reinstall the DASH8 could it be a solution?
    5- I only have 2 downloads left, when I finish the downloads what should I do if I need to install the program again ??.
    thanks for the answers kroswynd.

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    1 & 2. I am not a SPAD.NEXT user so I can not give an answer/solution to your issue. Possibly another Q400 user in the forum who uses that third party utility may be of some assistance.

    1. Nothing is "impossible" but I highly doubt that changing the OS platform will alter you SIM platforms default key assignments.

    2. Un-installing and re-installing the Q400 would be one of the first places that I would begin if it was merely an update from Windows 7 to Windows 10, or it could very well be that a Windows 10 update may have created an anomaly in your configuration.

    3. The remaining installations that you have should not be an issue for you to get the installations completed, unless you are running the Q400 on another machine for which you are "legally" allowed two separate installations for the PRO version. When the installations become exhausted, then simply write to us via our Support email with your full name and credentials used for the purchase of the PRO Edition, along with an explanation as to why your installations have been exhausted.


  • ok thanks a lot kroswynd

  • this afternoon I try to uninstall and reinstall the dash8 program, surely some files even if I uninstall the program will still be present in the PC, you think that he can cause further problems on the new reinstallation or will overwrite the files without consequences ??

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    The simplified method:

    1. Back up your aircraft.cfg & mjc84.ini (mainly for any changes that you may have made, especially for the 125Hz and manual CPAN settings - ini & livery headers -cfg)

    2. Use the Windows un-installer to remove the Q400 add-on

    3. Re-booting PC is a good practice, but not necessary. (Starting and shutting down FSX/P3D prior to re-installing the Q400 "is not necessary").

    4. Re-install the Q400 (be sure to right clink on the installer and "Run As Admin", disabling you Anti-virus software may be a good idea as well so to prevent the quarantining of any files.
      (a)+Apply any available patches

    5. Load Sim platform -->
      (a)+Load Q400 and verify that aircraft loads correctly
      (b)+RUN the CPAN and make required changes as needed - CLICK APPLY
      (c)+Re-Load the Aircraft not the simulator

    6. Once the Q400 is running with the required CPAN changes, all other mods/tools /Nav DB updates can be applied.

    We do not provide support for your SIMULATOR or OS platforms, if this may be where your issues preventing the Q400 from working correctly may exist.

    Keep us posted

  • thanks kroswynd

    I'll keep you up-to-date.
    2 clarifications please:
    1- the CPAN are the windows where I can set inches instead of millibars, or start cold and dark etc ??
    2- where do I find and how do I apply all dash8 updates?
    3- (a)+Apply any available I apply the patches???
    I'm sorry, I realize I'm boring, but I want to make sure I do things the right way.
    the buckap I don't think is necessary as I use only the dash8, and changes in the INI files. I have not done.

    1. Correct.

    2. The User Area which is located under the SUPPORT tab on the Majestic Software website.

    3. The patches are just an installer which you right click on and run as Administrator (just like any other installer on would install)

  • thank's

  • olved the problem of the 2d caution panel panel, it does not open as in the other 2d windows (fms, pfd mfd, exc.) but pressing SHIFT / 8, I don't know why, however, it didn't work because the pc keyboard was not compatible with some functions of the MAJESTIC program, I don't know why, but as soon as I changed the keyboard everything works, so (MESSAGE TO THE AIR) as they say in aeronautics, if someone sometimes had generic problems that do not work a few keys, try to change pc keyboard.
    good day everyone and thanks to KROSWYND for the kind availability.

  • Good to hear, thanks for the update

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