MJCD8-Q400 Issues with DVA ACARS System ?

Dear Majestic team,

I am a new customer maybe a week old, also I am a member of Delta Virtual Airline "DVA" for almost 10 year, all our flights are reported to DVA through a utility module called ACARS.

Now after practicing my new Q400, which is by the way one of the best planes I have ever flew for P3D or FSX, after three flights with DVA I realized that ACARS doesn't recognize the plane and doesn't report position or distance travelled or fuel or anything, even at the end of the flight ACARS doesn't report the flight plan at all.

I reported this issues at DVA forum and one of DVA senior staff whom I knew for years, answered me saying that the Q400 doesn't transfer information properly therefore, ACARS doesn't recognize it, he also said it's an old issue.

I flew for DVA all the top add-ons like the MADDOG, PMDG, Flightsimlabs, you name it and did not have this issue before.

Also, I am only flying with DVA and the Q400 is a P3D 64b version I won't be able to enjoy flying it.

So I thought to inform you gentlemen, maybe there is a solution for this issue, and potential customers of DVA in the thousands could be a prospects as well.

Best regards


  • Hello Alaa,

    This issue has been addressed several times with several Virtual Airlines using ACARS utility. The Q400, if you were not fully aware is modeled outside of the FSX/P3D platform, so many of the parameters that would normally trigger data from flights performed do not transmit when running the Q400.

    We have advised VA users to have developers of ACARs utilities to reach out to us to see how we could assist in getting the said utility(s) to work. We at MJC do not use the utility in question so have never really had any interaction with its functionality. Hopefully some day some day soon we'll be able to get this function working.

  • Thank you, Sir, I will contact my VA people and perhaps they could get in touch with you soon .......Could you please send me via a message your email or any other email that I can forward to them? .......Because I am sure that getting MJQ to communicate with ACARS systems is not that complicated.

    Many thanks

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    Contacting our Support department via email would be the way go.


  • Thanks

  • Dear Sir,
    Do you think the training version of Majestic Dash 8 would work with an ACARS system ?
    many thanks

  • What will work for one Edition will work for others, shared cockpit could pose a challenge, but until the product is looked into one can not really tell.

  • OK thanks

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