Q400 P3Dv4 surround sound issues...


I know this theme is already chewed through more then a hundred times, but it still doesn't work like it was once in FSX.
In the outside view sounds the dash always like you would view it from behind it doesn't mater where the camera position is.
That's also the reason why the GPU is so silent and the APU so loud.

The best example that there is something wrong is the Flyby view. You don't hear a airplane flying by, no, it just sounds like you would view the airplane from behind, no change in sound at all. Has anyone else this problem? Would be nice if someone could test this on his next flight. Just go in flight to the flyby view and listen. If it doesn't sounds like a flyby then you have the same problem.

Some Infos about my system.
Q400 version 1020a
P3Dv4.5 latest version, no chase-plane or any other camera view addon.
Win7 64bit
Win7 compatibility mode is on, no change.
special thing is, i get my sound via HDMI from my GPU to an AVR, maybe that's the problem? This is the only thing what is new since FSX. But every other plane has surround sound.

Hope it is possible to finally figure what the cause of my problem is, or it is general a bug and everyone has it?



  • We'll have to look at that again, but some changes had to be made to the sound processing in one of the earlier versions of P3D (version 3.3 if I recall) as there was a conflict with a feature of the SIM.


  • This has been reported a while ago. It affects others in my group also.

  • Thanks for answering.
    When i think about it, i have the problem since v3.
    I don't know how Majestic has the sound programmed, but it looks like that the addon don't know wehre the camera position is, and the default position is, what i know, the rear view.

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