**Update regarding Majestic Software's upcoming projects.**

The silence in the Majestic Software Arena has been deafening over the last few months, but we are now in a place where we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

For starters, the TRAINING Edition from jump street met a few challenges along the way which delayed our planned delivery timeline, and to add the to delays, P3D crossed over the the 64bit platform. Work was paused on the TRAINING Edition so that we could make the Q400 compatible with the 64bit platform, and this as most of know required us having to re-write a vast majority of the code which took some time. Moving forward to over a year later, while development is still on full blast life still plays an essential role regarding family, work and personal matters which also slowed things down a bit (but work never stopped).

What is the current state of the TRAINING Edition project?

We have completed the independent front panels which we showed over a year ago, along with the overhead panel which all have been adjusted for touch functionality. The remaining portion of this part of the project is the center panels. The final addition to the core of the project is implementing the FDR (flight data recorder) panel and its functionality. From this point we should be able to put the Beta team back to work.

For those interested in the TRAINING Edition, you're probably asking **"when is the release"? **

Release dates we will not discuss, but we are hoping to have the project released before the end of the year providing that the beta team does not find any issues that may extend the planned release time-frame. We will of course make it known if this becomes an issue.

What about new features?

Many have asked if we plan to implement PBR, rain effects and and dynamic lighting. We would like to eventually, but with the present flow of the project these features have been put on the back burner until we can finish the project. We will continue to assess the feasibility of implementing these features for the upcoming release, but more than likely if we don't add the features in question upon release they would be added in an update later on.

Speaking of updates!!

Yes there are several issues that have been listed in the bug tracker that need to be fixed, and they will be fixed in one of the upcoming updates following the TRAINING Edition release. The updates/patches will address all editions of the Q400.

Well that's all Folks!!

            ........Just Kidding.......

Oh yes!!!! What about that other turbo-prop thing-a-majiggy the Q300 v2.

As you would have figured the much anticipated upcoming Q300 v2 took a bit of a back seat amidst everything else going on in the Majestic Software world (yes its been well over a year since we gave a solid update), and we sincerely apologize for the lengthy delay. Many folks are dropping hints regarding our projects that they are dead or its fake news. So here's the bottom line on the Q300 v2 to some of the frequently asked questions.

  1. Is it going to take another 4 years to develop?
    We plan on getting back into the meat and bones of the Q300 development by the beginning of 2020, and it should not take that long to get this project off the out of the hangar.

  2. Are you going to develop the 100 and 200 variants?
    That is the plan, but these variants will be developed after the Q300 v2 project.

  3. Is the Q300 going to be considered as an add-on package for the Q400?
    No, The Q300 is a separate package completely that will have its own PILOT, PRO and TRAINING Editions.

  4. Will the Q300 v2 have PBR, rain effects and dynamic lighting?
    That will be a part of the plan as we'll have the time to implement and properly test these features.

  5. Will Majestic Software be developing products for X-Plane?
    At this time we do not have any plans for X-Plane development. While this is a plat form that has spread its wings tremendously over the last two years we are not able to simultaneously develop for both P3D and X-Plane.

On a side note:

Back in June the flight simulation community was surprised to see the intended launch of an old contender in the Simulation spectrum - MSFS2020. For many there is much excitement and anticipation for the upcoming release based on the recently released trailer. We are unable to make any comments regarding the upcoming platform as we have no inside details as of yet to help us in determining if we'll be adding our products to the newly developed simulator. we'll share more information regarding this when there is something to report.

As always we thank everyone for their continued support.

The Majestic Software Team

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