flying level (straight)

Hi guys
really knew to the Dash! loving it so far..
one question, from the minute power is applied and nose gear steering off the aircraft wants to veer to the left.
when in cruise even with no wind the aircraft wants to sit at a slightly wind down position, wing dipping to the right!
please see attached? also once the autopilot is disengaged the aircraft wants to roll to the left again? any ideas?



  • That the Dash as a propeller machine pulls to the left or turns, is still normal, since both propellers turn in the same direction. Adjust it to the ground on the ground before starting by a corresponding rudder trim to the right. In cruising respectively, generally with a change of the Power Lever Position / Torque, it may be necessary to re-trim.

  • 2 x 4,500 shp engines = Loadsa torque - either applied with some rudder, or via application of rudder trim.

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