How do I program failures?

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I figured out how to up the frequency of failures, as well as using the system panel to immediately trigger some failures, however, I am wondering how I would go about programming specific failures to happen at certain times. Just wondering if anyone knows how I go about doing this or if there is a good tutorial on how to do it somewhere as I can't seem to find one.

I have the Pro Edition, which says it has programmable failures.



  • Just wondering if anyone has any updates? I know about the system panel, but its missing one of the main reasons I bought the aircraft (which I will take partial blame for not doing more research), engine failures/fires!

    Thanks again

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    The PRO Edition as you are well aware does not have "POWER PLANT & FLIGHT CONTROL" failure functionality......BUT users are able to create their own scripts which will allow for one to fail engines or any other system of their choice.

    There is one other alternative for users who want some engine failure action out side of the SYSPAN utility. If you own FSi Panel there is a feature that will allow one to fail engines of the Q400

    WE have provided some documentation "MaintenanceSystem.pdf" which is located in the "DOC" folder of the mjc8q400 folder which should give users some guidance into creating their own scripts.

    Upcoming SYSPAN -TRAINING Edition


  • Thanks! Will there be an option to upgrade from pro to the training edition when it comes out?

  • Yes there will be, similar to that of the PILOT to PRO via the vendor from which you originally purchased the Q400.

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