Ground Power unit appears during flight...

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I am new to the forum but loving my Q400 pro.
Quirky thing though, periodically the ground power unit appears connected to me during flight. It goes away after a few minutes then reappears. I am thinking this is not normal as it is not 'requested' in the FMS.


  • Not quite normal... it would need to be a tad more aerodynamic.

  • Anyone have any ideas what might be causing it and how to make it stop?

  • if you have made a custom standard default flight delete it and revert to the p3d standard (or delete your p3d.cfg).

  • Thx Carlo. I am fsx but I will try what you said.

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    Hello Roberth7, welcome to the MJC forums, been a bit busy over the last few days and missed your post (my apologies).

    This has not been a common problem but have seen it reported once or twice on Facebook user groups, and each correcting solution is different as in some cases it resulted in user configuration.

    For starters it is usually best to load the Q400 after one of the default aircraft within your FSX/P3D platform, Do not load the Q400 after a another complex aircraft (i.e. PMDG, QW, A2A, etc.).

    The GPU will disappear under the following conditions:
    1. Cancelling it via the FMS, selected via the DATA button and then selecting SERVICES where you will then see CANCEL GPU

    1. After starting the no.1 or 2 engine and then moving the condition levers to MAX which brings the generators online.

    If the GPU is not disappearing after these two conditions have been met then there is possibly a third party add-on conflict. I would try to run the Q400 without any third party add-ons running (i.e. Chaseplane or EZDOK, ActiveSky or REX's wx engine, etc.)

    If all else fails then I would simply initiate an un-install/re-install of the Q400 and be sure to install using ADMIN rights by right clicking on the installer.

    Keeps us posted.


  • Great. Thanks for the help. I will check all those things.

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