Strange new speed "problem"

I have used this aircraft for a long time and always found setting prop and throttle lever around +/- 75% would give a steady cruise of about 230/240 knots. In the last three flights my speed goes through the roof even with very high vertical speeds set. I have to set the throttle back to less than 50% in the cruise!

Very odd. It is the same aircraft I have always used with no updates I am aware of.


  • Giving us a little more insight as to altitude being flown, which may further allow us to assist, or even video to show us how you are operating the aircraft. We have not pushed any changes since ver 1.020a.


  • I think I have found the problem. I reset my Saitek throttle quadrant recently and it seems to have affected my throttle and fuel/pitch levers. Reset now so should be fine methinks! Thanks for listening!

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