Landing Gear Lever Becomes Unresponsive

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Recently my landing gear lever will not work before or after takeoff. This is not a pins issue as they are stowed. The lever will not move at all being unresponsive with both the mouse or by voice command in FS2crew. I checked whilst in preflight and the lever worked fine so it becomes unresponsive at some point in the checklists. If I save the flight ready to go on the runway and reload with fs2crew everything works fine again. This is very frustrating, I don't really want to reload a flight every time I line up for a takeoff, has anyone else come across this issue and is their a fix?


  • This has been a topic of discussion here on the forum, and we are still digging in the the cause of the issue as it is not an easy one to replicate (at least for us in the test lab).

    The suggestion was made by one of our users that saving the situation when the problem was detected and reloading the situation allowed him to reactive usage of the gear, which I know is a PIA.

    I hope we can get to the bottom of this issue sooner than later.

  • The odd thing is I've used it for ages with no trouble now it's been the last 3 takeoffs in a row. I'll try to notice when it happens next time, it was on the ground at some point not after takeoff.
  • Thanks, yes its been a hot topic here for a bit, which has rightfully caused some frustration amongst our users, I'd be frustrated as well having to complete my flight at 140knots, or having to return to the field for a mx grounding item.

  • If I pin anything down of significance I'll post again

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