display of only one PFD and MFD

Goodmorning everyone
maybe my question will be stupid, but I can't find a solution.
how do you unlock both the PFD and MFD of the DASH8 Q400 ?? in the sense:
if I unlock the PFD on the CPT side. and then I want to unlock the second PFD on FO side, for have them both available and unlocked on 2 different monitors is not possible, in fact, if I click to unlock the second PFD the first one disappears, so I always remain with only one PFD, I say because when I create my home cockpit, I will need both PFD (CPT and FO) and both MFD. thanks for the help.


  • These are not allows features of the PRO Edition. The TRAINING Edition for cockpit builders will have the capability for builders to assign individual panels.

  • ok thanks kroswynd

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