I just installed a clean Windows 10. After installing the Q400 Pro again, I saw only one livery in my FSX, while in the past, with W7, I had several liveries! Where are they now?
I see that the present version I installed is 1020B, is this the latest one, and if not where can I find later updates?


  • Not sure about your second question regarding the version, but for the first question make sure you select "Show all variations" in the "Select Aircraft" screen in FSX / NOT select "Show Only Favorites" in P3D, depending on which sim platform you're using.


  • Thanks Oliver, that was the solution!!
    Still remain my question about the version!

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    Glad I could help. Just looked up my recent update purchase for P3Dv4.4 and it was 1.020, so sounds good.

  • @dehart
    Your current version 1.020b is correct and does not require an updated patch. The patch that is available for the Q400 relates to the 64bit versions of the PILOT64 or PRO64 Editions.


  • Is the PILOT64 a different one as I have? My OS is Windows 10/64 bit.

  • The pilot Ed will a patch specific to that edition as the pro will have its own specific patch... Both however are labeled 1.020a
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