Goodmorning everyone
can you tell me if it's possible to store everything on OFF from the COLD AND DARK position of the dash8? I'll explain:
from the COLD AND DARK position I find myself for example the **MAIN BATTERY **--AUX BATTERY..STBY BATTERY - still ON, the flaps already positioned at 15 ° - the IGNITION ENGINE START on NORM instead of OFF.
I would like to have the possibility of having stored everything on OFF when I start the program, is there a possibility?


  • Hi, have you selected the start state here (see picture)? I have no problems in this regard, Cold and Dark is also Cold and Dark. The only thing I have not found out yet is that sometimes the external power is already available, but sometimes it must first be requested.

  • What are explaining as the cold and dark configuration does not seem correct. Are loading the cold and dark script via the control panel (CPAN)? In this configuration, the majority of the switches are in the off position. However you desire the need to make changes to the cod and dark you can recreate a script or, setup the flight deck how you desire and then save the scenario. The only downside to saving a scenario of this type is that it will also save the location/airport, which will require you to reposition. The aircraft to your new desired location.

  • Hi kroswind,
    is it possible to change the cold&dark script? I would like to have the aft door open when I start the simulation. However in real life when I'm inside the cockpit doors are opened...


  • thanks Kroswynd
    building a home cockpit and having (as in real life) all the systems on OFF I prefer to save as you say and reposition the aircraft on another airport after finding commands in COLD AND DARK that do not correspond to the physical SWITCHES of the home cockpit with the difficulty of remodulating the same command twice to have it synchronized to the SIM.
    a question:
    how do i go about recreating the SCRIPT like you said ??
    thank you so much

  • I agree alleusai

  • Hi,

    Check the directoty "scriptLib" in your aircraft folder. There you will find a file named "ccColdAndDark.mgs". This is the file to edit. In that script you either can change values to be set or you even could add additional variables out of the variables list provided with the XML interface to set them to default values.


  • Hi,

    ... and don't forget to backup the original file ;-)
    And in case of an update by Majestic or at an re-installation you may get the original file back. So to keep also a backup of the modified file is also recommended.


  • Bravo Reinhard! :)

    Thanks a lot,

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