Cannot select engines running

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I installed the Q400 recently, into my FSX-Steam edition.
When I open up the control panel app, the Flight config is not showing the various start options- cold and dark, engines running etc. All I see is weight and barometric pressure options.
Why is this?
I have windows 10 64 bit.


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    I tried reinstalling the q400, and still the same problem. The config app has no options to start the plane in different modes.
    And BTW, I'm not sure if it's related, but when I open the MJC84 system app, I get this warning:

    "the item mcj84syspan.exe...this shortcut has been changed or moved... nearst match is c\program files\msoffice\root\vfs\pro...eqnedt32exe/
    Do you want to fix this shortcut or delete it...?"

    So I figured it's best to hit 'fix it', but that doesn't help, because then it says- 'this app cannot run on your pc! you do not have this app on your pc'.
    Are these two apps related?

    Everything else on the q400 works fine in fsx, but i just can't be bothered to start from cold and dark, so my first post is still relevant.

  • Hi Eytan,
    Did you install as administrator? - Right click on the setup exe file and select 'Run as administrator'


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    Yes, I installed it as adminstrator, Also turned off firewall during install.

  • Are you pointing the installer to the correct version of the platform that you plan to use the Q400 in?

    If you are using FSX SE, then be sure to point the installer to FSX: SE's location, and upon doing so the Q400 the mjc8q400 root folder should be installed in the following location:
    (D:\Flight Simulator X\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes

    It is also advisable that the CPAN.exe be run as Administrator as well.

  • "D:\Flight Simulator X\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes"
    That's exactly where the q400 is installed.
    Even when i run the control panel app as administrator, the engine mode is not there.
    very strange.

  • Whst version of the Q400 did you purchase? Only the pro edition has this feature.... The pilot does not..
  • I thing the pilot version. How do I check wich version I have?

  • Your purchase receipt from the vendor will tell you which version you purchased.

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