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Fellow Captains and First Officers,

Twas the day before Christmas and Majestic Software has arisen from their slumber with a patch for the PRO Edition ONLY which rectifies some underlying issues in preparation for our upcoming Training edition. The Training edition has been in development for a few years and amidst a few challenges through the year (technical and personal) work was be steady for the most part. We will have a more detailed update regarding its release by mid January.

In the meantime, the integral patches for version 1.020b of the MJC8 Q400 PRO edition x32 and x64 are as follows


  • Correctly installed version 1.020a PRO edition x32 or
  • Correctly installed version 1.020 or 1.020a PRO edition x64


  • Run the installer with right mouse click, "run as administrator" windows option

List of changes

  • numerous stability fixes


  • EPCU emergency mode logic fixes (contactors K7/K8)
  • Fixed APU logic to prevent flickering of the overhead advisory lights


  • Pilot waypoint problem fixed
  • Navmanager_procedures: Corrected the entry type prediction algorithm for the holdings


  • When AP on with TCS in operation, autotrim of the autopilot is deactivated


  • Included the network interface for 3rd party developers (UDP Connector 3 in the mjc84.ini file)


  • Fixed the DH/MDA switch (first officer)
  • Fixed CTD caused by the FO gear panel operation

While there are additional bugs that need to be addressed these are the ones that we found to be priority for this update. If you looked keenly to the change log you may have noticed something in the pipeline under "Interfaces" which has been requested by many users, keep your eyes and ears open for a further announcement.

The patch may be obtained/downloaded from your accounts whick is located in the USER AREA of the Majestic Software website. The PATCH/UPDATE will not be available from your accounts of the vendor from which you have purchased the aircraft.

The last few weeks/days the simulation community have seen some outstanding releases which which should certainly keep us all glued to our pilot chairs, while our wives/girlfriends will wish they never bought us that addon(s) or hardware that we drooled over for months. Congratulations and thank you to all the developers of recently released addons, and may 2020 bring us many more hours of countless simulated learning experiences and fun.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

The Majestic Software Team

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