Patch 1.020b : where to download ?

I purchased the Q400 1.020 PRO edition x64 from SimMarket. I have just become aware of patch 1.020b but I cannot find it on the SimMarket website, not even in my purchase history which only gives a link to the version 1.020 download that I purchased originally. How can I get hold of patch 1.020b ? Thanks for any help.
Emile Bax.


  • simply register under Support / User Area

  • Ah, OK, I saw that area but did not know what order number to use. Got it now, thanks.

  • The instructions were/are clearly posted in the announcement.

  • edited December 2019

    Sorry, my mistake, I used the old Pilot log-in, not the Pro log-in. Now I have it.


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