P3D v4.3 - Cockpit State script not running

Hi All,

I'm having some issues with the Cockpit State script not running when the aircraft is loaded.

The Control Panel is running as Admin and Anti Virus is off.

The Default Failures script is running ok.

What value(s) should CockpitConfigScript have assigned in the .ini file? Is "Ready For Takeoff" value 4 or value 5?



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    Neither ......Are you assigning the Panel State via the CPAN or are you attempting to implement it via the mjc84.ini?

    Every time the Q400 is loaded a cockpit state script is going to be loaded, unless you have a protection issue preventing this from happening.

    1. The CPAN requires one to select the option, CLICK APPLY, then RE-LOAD THE AIRCRAFT (not the simulator).

    2. Implementing it via the "ini" required a specific syntax which is located in the [CONFIGURATION] section: i.e.



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    Fantastic, thank you kroswynd.

    I was using the CPAN and following the correct procedure but the change was not applying. I will need to look into why this was occurring.

    I checked the .ini file and found that the variable was blank. I was unsure of the correct syntax to amend it manually. I've done that now and it works ok.

  • No problem, the variable should change once the APPLY button is clicked, this can usually be verified by opening the "ini" AFTER clicking the APPLY button. This is the reason that we then advise to RE-LOAD the aircraft after making the change.

    Check it out again and let us know.


  • Hello,
    where is the file .ini
    thank you

  • Hi,

    Look into the INI directory in the aircraft folder.

  • Super
    Thank you

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