Dash "hangs" when batt on

Next problem:

I load my dash8 in c&d state. when I switch on the batteries the cabin altitude announces "fault".

When I will power on the APU the announce hangs at "fail".

The external power suply isn't there

The FMC doesn't work



  • So I installed the update today, not made a flight yet, but power up with battery and GPU, FMC preparation, all without problems. I only had to define the basic settings such as Kg / Ibs, Hpa / Inch and the start state again. Did you load and install the whole thing as admin and with virus protection / firewall off? Did you have the correct version installed before?

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    I does all as described. Run as admin, no virus, ver 1.20a installed.

    I found out this is a random failure. sometimes everything works until open flight plan.

  • Is there perhaps an innovation that is not compatible with older, saved flight plans? Enter the flight plan again and save it again.

  • No. I deleted all old plans.
    I also uninstalled the complete Dash8. Deleted the directory. Reinstalled ver 1.20 w/o update a and installed update b.


    Now I found a "solution". I start with any Dash8. The Dash hangs. Now I load the Dash I want to fly. When the plane is loaded I must wait some seconds until the coursor works in the complete sim (no menu is clickable) and then the plane works normal.

  • I have exactly the same problem. Manage to power up the aircraft while try to start engine 2...will try your idea today

  • Attempt to delete any existing/previously saved situations (if you have any saved) with the Q400, especially any of the .mj1 or .mj2 files found in the situation folder of the flight sim.

  • Doesn't help :(
    same issue

  • maybe it helps:

    on the mfd display the hydraulic press on sys 3 circles from 34xx to 26xx again and again.

  • This issue should have been resolved with the v11.020b update

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