Starting flight starts with ITT in the red

When I initiate (start) saved flight on ground at gate with MJC Q400, randomly and intermittently the ITT will peg out in the red at 915. The ITT will not drop or reset, thus unable to start engines.
Sometimes the ITT will climb to around 250 but will retard and I am able to start engines.
Sometimes the ITT remains at zero (normal) and all is good.
This is very frustrating; it almost seems like something in a config file is set to too tight of a tolerance.
Any ideas?
Thanks Darwin


  • Attempt to delete any existing/previously saved situations (if you have any saved) with the Q400, especially any of the .mj1 or .mj2 files found in the situation folder of the flight sim.
  • Hi kroswynd

    Thanks for the info. Did a search of my PC and do not have any file or folder named situation. I did search for and found mj1 and mj2 files but could not open or find path to them.

    Need more help, please.

    Thanks Darwin

  • Hi Darwin,
    Have a look into your \Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files\ folder
    Mine are "Previous Flight..mj1" and "Previous Flight..mj2"


  • Thanks kroswynd and Georges

    I found the files in users/xxx/My Documents/flight sim x files, mj1 and mj2 files alone will be over 200 files and while I am at it I will also delete all related .WX files.

    I'll let you know how it goes.

    Thanks DarwinT

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