P3D MULTICHANNEL A/C not synchronizing

Good evening dear Majestic Team.

I would like to introduce a subject here regarding a multichannel setup.

The main problem is that, when I am loading a P3D v4.5 multichannel configuration, when I am operating the aircraft the actions (e.g pressing a button on a touch monitor) are not synchronizing to the rest of the clients including host, and from host to the clients.

The configuration is as follows:

1 host PC with 2 x RTX2080 Ti,
4 Clients with 1 x RTX2080 Ti,

I have tried to load 2d panels separately to the client pcs and everything worked fine regarding the displays and the projection. Touch is working properly and the buttons are corresponding very well. But only locally to the related computer.

I use,
1 server for visuals, instructor panels (2 monitors)
1 client for CPT SIDE PANEL , CLP (1 touch monitors, 1 regular monitor)
1 client for FO SIDE PANEL (1 touch monitor)
1 client for OVHD PANEL (1 touch monitor)
1 client for PDSTRL PANEL (1 touch monitor)

(All pcs have the same characteristics regarding the software related.)

The only plugin that i use is FSUIPC.

I tried several things to resolve this issue but with no luck.

I was wondering if you have faced a similar issue, and if there is any workaround or solution that I can use.

Thank you for your time.


  • Primarily because the PRO edition is not has not been programmed to facilitate the functions which you are trying to achieve.

    The training edition will be more suited to these requirements.

    Kindly contact us via our Support email for additional information and pit a link to this thread.

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