Throttle detent

I just realised that I always overshoot the "rated takeoff" throttle detent in the virtual cockpit for using NTOP... When I get it right realworld dash pilots move the throttle to this detent like it works in the airbus?

I think it is hard to catch the detent without changing the view to the throttle. Anyone knowing a key-combo or something to set it to the detent?

Thank you!


  • Assigning your throttle quadrant to hit that detent would be the best way to do this. Unless you have a Q400 TQ then hitting that detent may not be possible but you could make a mark on your TQ to indicate where that detent would be.

    Also in the MJC Q400 we do have a click sound programmed for the detent but I gather that it may be too faint to catch by most as it is not a very loud clink when engaged.

    Regarding a key combo, I guess anything is possible just we have not really played with initiating one since it seems to work well with most simmers who use the default F1 thru F4 keys for power lever manipulation.

  • Thank you!
    Yes, the sound is very faint... It would be nice to have the same click as the one before flight idle.... Is modding possible in this case?

    I tried F1 to F4 but this overshoots to full emergency power ignoring the detent.
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    F2 and F3 move the power levers gradually allowing for incremental adjustments which would be best for initial takeoff power. The Q400 is not like an Airbus where to you just push it into the takeoff detent.

    The sound of the detent click is not like hitting the gate for flight idle before going into beta. As that is a actual gate which requires one to lift the power levers and come back to beta range.

  • All clear, thank you!
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