GSX2 & Q400: DOORS stuck in opening and closing loop

I have an issue using GSX2 wit the Q400. Both with catering at the service door and the conveyor at the baggage door. GSX2 tries to open the doors automatically (i.e., without me opening the doors via the FMS) but the doors get caught in a loop where they open partially and the close and the repeats. This happens whether I have already opened the doors or not via the FMS. The loop never stops and I end up having the Reset the Position through the GSX menu to get it to stop.

I haven't been able to figure out why this is happening. I apologize if this has been asked and answered already, but I haven't been able to find an existing post about this particular issue. I've posted this question in the GSX forums as well.

I have the latest version of GSX2 installed and Pro version of the Q400 wit the 020b patch installed.



  • Thank you bringing this to our attention, have not used GSX for a while but will have to do some testing on this to verify.


  • I have tested this with my Austrian Dash 8 in C&D mode.
    Also patch b and GSX2 is installed.

    In the GSX menu 4 (request boarding) the package loader goes in position and the cargo door opens. After a while the crew bus come and the pax door opens.

    After the passenger bus arrives all passengers will be boarded. The baggage truck come and the baggage will be loading.

    The pax door close automaticly. The cargo door don't.

    After closing the door in the FMS everything is fine for startup or pushback.

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