Random Failures

I have the Q400 Pro Edition and it says it comes with random failures. However, I couldn't find much information what that really means and what to expect. Are they (de-)activated by default? Are they tied to wear and tear as the MaintenanceSystem document suggests? I noticed the MJC84 system panel lets you activate/arm failures of certain components in a non-random way. Thanks!


  • There's a PDF in your docs folder for the mjc-8 that's called "MaintenanceSystem" and cointains answers to all you're asking and more.

  • The PRO Edition by default comes with the Electrical and Hydraulic Systems in the SYSPAN for failures. One is however able to create their own failures via the implementation of additional scripts. We have provided a guide to assist in doing so. Other systems are intended for the TRAINING Edition.


  • I can no more use the aircraft, CL always move to fuel cutoff without any action from me.
    When I load the aircraft, default failure initiated is displayed
    Is there any command to disable random failures ?
    For the moment, I just want to practice landing

  • Ok, your condition levers both going to fuel cut off has norhibg to do with the failure scripting or functionality.

    Have you verified All of your input device axii as it sounds from your explanation that this bmay be the contributing factor in condition levers reacting the way that they are.

    The script that is run when the aircraft loads is primarily responsible for the panel state and other underlying functions. The wwar_off_factor switch within the. Ini can be set to 0.0

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