Is it possible to disable pausing the sim when the Send Data to sim button it hit?

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I never cared for this because all sound stops when the sim gets paused so it just interrupts the experience for me. I certainly don't need to pause the sim then, but perhaps there is something necessary about doing that I'm not aware of. I thought perhaps there might be a config file that can edit out that piece so I ask.



  • we had to implement it this way to ensure that all data from the CPAN is transferred correctly. it could change down the road, but at this time no planned changes

  • Ok, thanks for the reply. I had wondered if something like that might be the case, however on the outside it seems somewhat pedestrian to have to validate a process before turning over control to, in this case, P3D/FSX. But again, thank you for letting me know it's going to stay that way for now. Cheers

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