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Fellow Simpilots,

Lockheed Martin has released the long anticipated version 5 of Prepar3D. For many it was a surprise, but most knew that there was something lurking in the pipelines for some time.

So what about the Q400's compatibility?

Well as many of you have already discovered, out of the box the Q400 seems to work and yes does appear to be fairly stable operationally. While we are happy for that, we working on some issues on the back-end of the add-on, which to the naked eye or average user may not be an issue during use. The installer as most have realized simply requires changing the path to the new simulator. We have held off making an official announcement primarily due to the fact that we wanted to see what we were up against based on the official P3D v5 release (as we always do). Looking around at some of the Twitch/YouTube streams, forums and social media groups what we see and hear is pretty much what was expected, however, what may work for one may not necessarily work for the other, so do not be disappointed if your Q400 does not work as expected.

When can we expect a new installer for Prepar3D v5?

New installers will be compiled after we are able to fix the few issues that we have identified and considered a priority. For this we have decided to await LM's first update/HF or an update that allows proper functioning of the aircraft. As several users have reported issues with their graphic cards as well which have been able to replicate.

Some of the items to be addressed are:

  • External Visual artifacts

  • Sound adjustments based on the use on the new DX12

  • CPAN functionality for specific items related to aircraft, most items can still be changed via the mjc84.ini (be sure to make a backup of the original before making any changes to your .ini file or any file for that matter)

We will not be supporting any issues reported on the forum regarding Prepar3D v5 until we officially release the new installers for the PILOT and PRO Editions.

We thank you for your continued support, and please do your best to be safe amidst of the COVID Pandemic.


The Majestic Software Team


  • Awesome post - Thanks. You Da Man!!!

  • Thank you very much.

  • B)

    Good news.

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    Today I made a terrible mistake in V5, I change the from Direct to RAW input control and now when I choose the q400 I get CTD.
    No way to solve this even getting back on Direct mode.

  • seems great ..

    alert at startup: this gauge version must be used under Prepar3D v4.0 or higher

    error=Failed to load visual effect "mjc84_dome"
    error=Failed to load visual effect "mjc_landlight_halo"
    error=Failed to load visual effect "mjc_cockpit_smoke"

    error=Failed to load visual effect "mjc84_CPT_CB"
    error=Failed to load visual effect "mjc84_READING_LT"
    error=Texture "BHD_EO_1A.DDS" failed to load (FE_REQUEST_STATUS==13)
    error=Texture "BHD_EO_1A_LM.DDS" failed to load (FE_REQUEST_STATUS==13)

    good luck to your developers

  • Any progress with P3D v5 compatibility?

  • no earlier than hot fix 2 for P3DV5
  • Hotfix 2 Now Released

    Client Fixes and Improvements
    Improved Dynamic Texture Streaming performance.
    Fixed issue causing Scaleform elements to flash including the menu bar and ATC window.
    Fixed issue causing invalid wind aloft direction values.
    Improved startup load time.
    Fixed crash when switching views in PBR vehicles on various AMD graphics cards.
    Fixed issue causing effects to lag behind attach points in some cases.
    Improved effect rendering performance.
    Fixed issue causing invalid particle lighting in multiple views in some cases.
    Fixed issue causing emitted extrusions to be invalid at certain rotation angles.
    Fixed issue where flashing textures could occur in some cases with Dynamic Texture Streaming active.
    Fixed crash that would occur on startup if add-on description was blank.
    Fixed issue causing kneeboard and scenario briefing pages to be blank.
    Added chroma key support to Varjo XR-1 headset.
    Fixed issue where startup screen preview window would stop rendering after location change.
    Fixed issue preventing Dynamic Texture Streaming from disabling in some cases.
    Search boxes in relevant UI screens are now focused when opened.
    Fixed issue where preview window would not work in structured scenarios.
    Fixed crash seen when changing between tower and pilot roles in some cases.
    Fixed weather theme sync issues between the startup and weather screens.
    Fixed issue preventing Wingman AI Behaviors from saving offsets correctly.
    Fixed issue preventing SimDirector OffsetXYZ control from accepting negative values.
    Fixed issue where role type box would not size correctly in the multiplayer UI in some cases.
    Fixed issues with SimConnect BeginVideoStream.
    Improved reflection performance.
    Fixed visual issues with distance remaining signs.
    Fixed issue where loading flight plans would not update the map in startup and multiplayer screens.
    Map screen now supports heading and airspeed changes while moving the user.
    Adjusted sun and moon sizes in Enhanced Atmospherics.
    Fixed issue with TexturePlugin providing render targets with state data.
    Fixed DIS enumerations for F-22 and F-35 aircraft.
    Fixed terrain cracks that could occur in reflections.
    Fixed issue where location text could be cut off in the Startup and MiniChooser screens.
    Improved map UI loading times.
    Improved transparent object sorting with Enhanced Atmospherics.
    Fixed issue causing missing autogen in some cases when using add-on.xmls.
    Fixed issues with additive effects sorting incorrectly with clouds.
    Fixed multi-GPU crash with Dynamic Texture Streaming.
    Program and Environment simvars can now be set in XML gauge code.
    Updated attenuation for PBR and non PBR dynamic lighting.
    Updated falloff exponent for non PBR dynamic lighting.
    Fixed issue where high cockpit LOD configuration setting would be reverted to 0 when settings were reduced.
    Engines are now started for helicopter AI entities that spawn in the air.
    Fixed issue preventing tooltips from displaying in map UI screens.
    Added VR setting to disable Hidden Area Mesh.
    Fixed issue where SimConnect menu events were not being processed.
    Fixed issue preventing PDK add-ons from adding menu items to the “Add-ons” menu.
    UI search boxes no longer handle the escape key when empty and immediately process the search when pressing enter.
    Improved SinglePass VR latency fixing issue where dynamic light positions could be one or two frames behind.
    Fixed issue preventing Scaleform RTT elements from rendering.
    Fixed issue that could cause the SimDirector UI to become unresponsive if an error popup occurred when selecting an object.
    Entries in the Facility Selection screen can now be double-clicked.
    Fixed issue that could prevent AI Behaviors from activating at scenario start in some cases.
    Improved error handling when reading sim object configuration data.
    Fixed crash that could occur when running multiplayer and changing scenery library settings.
    Fixed crash that could occur when using the multiplayer autostart command line option with multiplayer autostart configuration settings enabled.
    Fixed issue causing differences in reported wind direction in some cases.
    Fixed issue that could cause visual errors with runway edge lines at sloped airports.
    Fixed crash that could occur when loading third party AI vehicles in some cases.
    Fixed error when comparing property name strings in recording/playback in some cases.
    Fixed shutdown crash when using Varjo headsets.
    Fixed crash when changing Varjo VR view options.

    Content Fixes and Improvements
    Added landing light fx file.
    Updated tail number geometry and material on various default vehicles.

    Scenery Fixes and Improvements
    Fixed issue with jetway decal textures turning asphalt aprons white.
    Fixed various water, terrain, coastline, bridge, and various other data issues.
    Fixed issues with St. Paul and St. George islands, Victoria Falls.
    Fixed issues with Washington DC scenery objects, San Siro Stadium, and Generali Tower.
    Updates to various airports including LFMV, KOFF, KGGG, EFHK, SBSP, EDDH, EDVK, KAKR, KPIT, RJBB, EDDS, EGPF, KBUR, PALR, VOTR, KVPD, LIMC, PASI, and EGGW.

    SDK Fixes and Improvements
    Added OpenGLTexture sample back to SDK.
    Added 3dsMax 2020 and 2021 support.

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    Just reporting this as I know we're not at v5 just yet. Not sure if this falls under "sound adjustments" but I've noticed that to make the sounds appear to come from the correct position after panning the camera, I need to click somewhere within the P3D window and the sound positions are updated. I'm using Chaseplane + P3Dv5 HF2

    I made a video in case you needed to see:

    Each time I stop panning I perform a single click and the sounds are corrected. Got to love and API change :joy:

  • Hi Guy's,

    Two weekes ago i installed the Q400 Pilot edition to P3Dv5.
    I just pointed the installer to P3Dv5.

    Beside the fact that the sounds are a bit different i have problems with the fysics.

    Today i removed it from P3Dv5 and i will wait for the original V5 installer.

    I feel the ground and flight fysics has to be tweaked.

    On the ground when i steer right or left the a/c speed is increasing (or decreasing) rapidly (when i steer with the tiller, wich i pointed to be controlled by my yoke), as if i set Time acceleration to 2 and back to 0,5.

    When i am on approach i hardly can keep the ILS because the aircraft is so sluggish along the longitudinal axis and yes....Yaw Damper is on.

    For the record (before people are going to say the i should learn to fly the Q400), i am a licensed twin engine RW pilot and FS pilot for 28 years and have used the Q400 in P3dV4.5 a lot.

    I hope the aircraft will be improved when the P3Dv5 version comes out, because it is a great product in V4.5


  • While we are not officially supporting the platform as of yet the majority of our users have no issues with the aircraft.

    It would be appreciated if you informed readers of this post about the specs of your machine including the operating system and what changes you may or may have not attempted within the CPAN to possibly address the issues you are experiencing.

    I suspect/ASSUME you are running the windows 2004 update.

    If so there are threads on this forum regarding this.

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