Enable 125Hz controls Pro X64 P3D v4. 5

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Hi Folks. I recently upgraded Q400 pilot to pro version on P3D v4.5. Then upgraded to 1.20b.Loving this bird as always. I tried to enable 125Hz controls as per the instructions on the forums but it did not work for me. I have logitech freedom 2.4 wireless joystick. No FSUIPC. The rudder does not work. It's frozen to fully left position even after engines start. The control column works in opposite direction for elevator control. When I pull up the yoke it moves forward and vice versa. Without enabling 125hz controls move normal but I want to experience the smoothness of 125Hz. I also used the config tool to enable 125Hz feature but that locked all the controls.
Also is there setting to disable random failures?


  • @support could you please look into this issue. Thanks
  • Hello,

    Just seeing you post as I had some internet issues yesterday. Your issue may seem to be an incorrect manipulations of your input devices. It can appear to be cumbersome or confusing at first but once you get the hang of your devices numbering system and the associated AXII. if you choose to use the addon utility to acquire the same results you will have to check with the developer or their forum for assistance, as many user have had better luck implementing that option.

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    Thank you Kroswynd. Input device Issue has been resolved. How to disable the random failures?
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    Within the mjc84.ini change the wear_off_factor value to 0.

  • > @kroswynd said:
    > Within the mjc84.ini change the wear_off_factor value to 0.

    Thank you Kroswynd : )
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