Temp Fix for Pilot Edition, Cannot find it in User Area

''Ok we have pinpointed an issue within the Q400 PILOT edition x64 that would cause the Q400 to CTD.

We have made available a temporary patch "dll rev. 2" which will be available via the USER AREA on the Majestic Software website.

This is ONLY for PILOT edition users using P3D v4.5 and v5

PRO users still experiencing CTDs kindly advice via a thread related to CTDs in v4.5 & v5

The Majestic Team.''

Sorry but I am having real issues the Q400 in V5, none of the knobs seem to want to turn, the APU will not start, and I cannot for the life of me see a patch in my user area.

Could you please help. I will download the latest installer from Just Flight and reinstall. to see if this helps.



    1. Are you using the x64 version of the Q400 designed for P3D v4+?

    2. Are you using the new installers for v5 or v4.5?

    3. What version of the Q400 are you using PILOT or PRO edition? You will not see a patch in the USER AREA if the patch is not applicable to your version.

    4. The patch as mentioned is for the PILOT Edition only.

    5. If you are using the new installer and having the issues that you have mentioned.
      a. Have you uninstalled the addon
      b. Disabled your anti-virus software
      c. Re-installed the add-on using Administrator Rights by right-clicking on the installer and selecting "Run As Administrator"


  • Morning
    I have the pilot edition 64bit, I downloaded the 102l from my Justflight account, I disabled AVS and installed as Admin, the plane loads ok, but the are some glitches with the cockpit and in the FMC it has an option to stow the pins etc which I thought was only in the Pro edition.

    When I logged in to the support area it only gives me the option to download the 102a edition and no other option.

    The installer gives me the choice of V4 or V5 at point of install.


  • It is possible I was using the old serial for the 32 bit, as it self populates with the serial and email, I will check when I can later this evening.

    For £20 I will probably upgrade to the Pro edition as well.

    I will let you know if later.

  • If you are using the PILOT edition and don't not have access to the patch in the user area then kindly write to our support email with the information discussed in this thread.

  • Hi Kroswynd

    As I surmised I was using the old 32 bit serial, now found the patch.

    Thanks for your assistance.

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