Q400 loads at default airfield but not others

I have the pilot edition with the patch installed, the plane loads when at the default airfield, I have tried to load it at Orbx Southampton and the sim loads to 72% and that is it.

I have tried repairing the client, content and scenery, re-verified the Orbx, but still hangs at 72%, the PMDG 737 loads at EGHI perfectly. I have not tried other airfields yet.

Any suggestions?.



  • 1.Comparing the aircraft to another addon loading does not help us to determine what the problem is.

    2. It may be helpful to let us know some more about your configuration including sim platform and operating system.

    3. Is EGHI the only airport this is happening at or is this happening at every airport?

    4. I would recommend trying to load the aircraft at other addon airports to see if the issue persists.

    5. Start by pulling some of the Sim settimgs back to the right and loading the aircraft.

    6. Try loading the aircraft without any third party addons.
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