Majestic Dash-8 Q400 Takeoff and Landing Speeds Calculator for iOS

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With Aurasim apparently being out of business, I went ahead and developed a little iOS app for my own personal usage. It calculates the relevant takeoff and landing speeds just like you would do with the speed cards provided with the aircraft. Of course it considers weight conditions as well as the current weather (i.e. for the takeoff speeds). Alas, at this time, it cannot determine takeoff and landing distances.

I use it on every flight, so I decided to make it available to the community. Maybe some of you would like to use it. You can find it in the App Store for free:

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

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  • The community will be thankful of this, and I have placed this thread in the "Community MODS" Category.

  • I love it. Well done.

    Thank you Oliver

    Bruce R

  • Thank you, Bruce, much appreciated :)
  • The app has just been updated. It is now pos­si­ble to select the de­par­tu­re run­way ba­sed on the en­t­e­red ICAO code. Air­port ele­va­ti­on and run­way hea­ding will be au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly po­pu­la­ted, de­pen­ding on air­port ent­ry and run­way selec­tion.

    Mi­nor chan­ges to the lay­out as well as the ge­ne­ral app be­ha­vi­or.

    Please make sure you get the update on the App Store.

  • How can I close the keyboard om my IPhone?


  • Just double tap anywhere on the screen 😎
  • Just found this after trying unsuccessfully to contact Aurasim! Great app and does exactly what it says on the tin - thanks Oliver
    Best Wishes - Roger

  • Thank you so much for this!!

  • WOW! AMAZING! thank you for sharing it and making it free!!

  • How do you know what flaps to select. i.e. when do I know what length and headwind/ tailwind combinations commands a flaps 10 vs flaps 15.

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    Mate you're a legend, this is very cool. I'd love to learn how to be able to code stuff like this.



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    @attuji said:
    How do you know what flaps to select. i.e. when do I know what length and headwind/ tailwind combinations commands a flaps 10 vs flaps 15.

    Hi. Most take-offs will be flaps 5. You start needing flaps 10 or 15 as the runways get shorter. To give you some idea, at ISA, sea level, no wind or slope at MTOW flaps 5 requires 1820m or 5969', flaps 10 requires less at 1550m or 5084', and flaps 15 requires only 1440m or 4723'. In other words if the runway is less than 1550m you would need flaps 10, and if it's less than 1440m you would need flaps 15.

    This obviously doesn't take into account the wind component or elevation or temperature or of course obstacles which will also affect the weight you can take off at because you need to be able to achieve a safe climb gradient. PM me if you would like some more information or help with this. I've flown the 1-2-300...:Never got to fly this one though - it's a beast :)

    The real answer to your question is that most airlines will have a set of take off performance tables for the airports they use, that tell you the maximum weight that you can take off at different temperatures and wind components. If you are lighter than the maximum weight you can do reduced power take offs. The other option is using the graphs from the operating manual.

  • Great tool thank you B)

  • Thanks. Very nicely done.

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