POP display width

Hi Folks, Since upgraded pro version to 1.021 in p3d v5 HF2, having issues with pop up displays. The pop displays width does not seem right. MFD, ND, Engine displays or ARCDU. The width of the pop up dispalys have shrunk. I remember in previous versions of DH4 or P3D changing the width of pop up displays with mouse used to remember the size of pop up displays for next sim sessions but not anymore now.


  • We have not changed anything regarding the pop-ups. If I recall the pop-ups will always return to the default size as designed in the configuration files ,unless you may have used the selection with in P3D to remember the position of 2D/pop-up panels (don't remember the options name off the top). I have not tested this feature lately but I do know for a fact that it returns to its original size upon reloading the sim.


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