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I am having log-in issues/error message with the AuraSim EFB. I am unable to locate email/support contact information. Could you please point me in the right direction.

Thank you.


  • Disregard. Sorry. Thanks.

  • I am not sure, but there should be an email link for support on the aurasim site, if not go over to #Airline2Sim and forward an email their.

    Hopefully this should get you going momentarily.

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    As of last evening (09/23/2020) the Aurasim app at present has a minor technical issue as they have transitioned over to their #Airline2sim server and it should be addressed within a few days hours or there about.

    Bear in mind that the developer has made a few transitions over the last few months with which Covid has delayed some of his plans for getting the app up and running.
  • The Aurasim app still isn't working, and the developer doesn't respond to any queries in the support forum, so I think we have to consider this product dead.

    Are there any plans for Majestic to develop a performance app, particually for engine derates?

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    I have spoken to the developer briefly regarding the issue, he relayed in a nutshell what I conveyed in the previous thread

    We MJC at this time do not plan to implement a TLPerf app

  • Thanks for the updates. I'm still having log in issues. When I tried to send an email to the emails provided, they came back unsendable.

    I would advice folks to stay away from this app. as it will charge you but won't give you access.

  • @kroswynd
    Still not able to log in - although the SQL error message has gone now.
    Seems like you've been spun a yarn by this developer. Seems to be par for the course, so hardly unexpected.

    It's a shame, as now there is no way of calculating derates for the Dash 8 now.

    I would echo what Dreamflight767 has said - don't give these charlatans your money!

  • Folks,

    Sorry to hear of the issues that you are having with AuraSim. I made a valiant effort to assist in this matter but this out out of the hands of Majestic Software as Airline2Sim not not affiliated with MJC.

    We hope that Airline2Sim is able to get their issues sorted out, as we know technical and or personal (if this is the case - unknown) difficulties are not always a cut and dry. All I can suggest is that we have patience and hope that they are able to get up and running soon.


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