Engine 2 Fuel Flow glitch during startup

Good day,

I would just like to notify that there is a glitch during starting Engine 2 (right) when seen from the Engine System Page:

During startup procedure, the fuel flow remains at 0 the entire time, even after start. This does not occur on the EICAS, FF is normal.
When starting Engine 2, the FF of Eng 2 on the Engine System Page then appears, but it follows Eng 1 FF.

Just to let you know.


  • Will have a look and see if we can replicate...thx

  • I forgot to mention that this is for P3D v4.5

  • Hi,

    I have checked this with P3Dv5 and with that version I don't see this behavior. FF of Eng 2 on the engine system page is the same as on EICAS and it starts immediately to raise when the engine is started.

    There is one strange thing: FF of Eng 2 shows 139 on the engine system display while it shows 135 on the EICAS. For Eng 1 it's absolutely the same value.


  • Hi,

    There are two engine configuration files: PW150A1.xml and PW150A2.xml
    There is a minor difference in the configuration file, which explains, why one engine shows 135 and the other 139:

    I assume, this should simulate, that no engine is completely the same as the others. Very realistic simulation.

    But it does not explain, why EICAS doesn't show the same value as the engine system display.


  • edited October 2020

    This is when Engine 2 is being started, and I first introduced the fuel flow. Notice to FF indication on the Engine System Display Page:

    This is after the No. 2 Engine Start, notice the fuel flow is still 0 on the Engine System Page, but normal on the EICAS:

    Here is starting engine 1, notice the FF of Engine 2 follows Eng 1 on the Engine System Display Page:

    Here is after both engines are started and the RPM is placed at MAX:

  • Hi,

    Strange behavior. On my system Eng 2 and Eng 1 show the same values during start and increase synchronously (beside the small difference for Eng 2). But the values are definitely the same. You use the pop-up panel, while I showed a screenshot from the VC. Maybe there is a difference. Maybe you check, if you see the same on the VC display.


  • Hi,

    Another difference: I displayed the engine system page on the FO side. You obviously on the captain's side, as your display shows the PFCS below, while mine display shows the flaps, hydraulics, etc.


  • Yes this is the Captain's side. My problem maybe that I am using P3D v4.5.12, not 4.5.13 HF2. My pc is giving me loads of issue to upgrade to 4.5.13.

    I run a sim product review channel, you can find it here:

    I do not have the Trainig version. Would you like a review of this product? I have P3d v4.5 and V5 HF2

  • The issue is not Sim platform related. i have identified the issue and well address it. it is not a bug as such, just the the FF is being tapped off of the No.1 which need to be corrected.

    No one has the TRAINING Edition as we have not released it. The TRAINING Edition will work for versions 4.5x and v5 of Prepard3D

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