Review of the Q400 Training Edition

Good day,
I run a sim product review channel located here:

I am offering to do a review of the Training Edition Q400 for you.


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    Good day,

    Thank you for the offer. We are still in development and have not crossed that bridge to determine who will be granted access to do reviews.

    We normally do this on a case by case basis when it's time to address this matter.

  • It needs a review though. There are no simmer perspectives of that product available on You Tube. None quickly at least.

    You should consider having it reviewed.

    What's the $30 extra for? These are the questions that need to be answered.

  • There are no Simmer perspectives since the Training edition has not yet been released, and once it is we'll certainly determine our review YouTubers will be.

    We have a thread on the forum regarding the Roadmap for MJC which breaks down the anticipated items that will be delivered with the TRAINING Edition. At this time this will be adequate for those wanting to know what they get for an additional 30 Euro.

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