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Over the past few months there has been some difficulty for Flight Sim Store Customers who purchased the download versions of the Majestic Software products. We are now making the downloads available to customers who have originally purchased the Q400 from the Flight Sim Store.

  1. Acquire the full installers for your originally purchased Q400 Edition:
    Since FSS no longer allows users to download products, we now provide the full installers of the MJC Q400 to all customers who purchased the Q400 from Flight Sim Store.

  2. Where can Flight Sim Store users gain access to the new installers?

    The new installers are accessible via the USER AREA which can be found on the Majestic Software website.

  3. The Flight Sim Store customers who would like to upgrade their existing Q400 edition, can write to our Support Department (support (at) majesticsoftware (dot) com). Be sure to include supporting credentials used for the purchase of your original Q400.
    a. Order Number
    b. Vendor
    c. Email address used with purchase
    d. Full name used with purchase
    e. Indicate which 64 bit version of the Q400 you are interested in upgrading to

Please note: This announcement is applicable ONLY to owners of the Majestic Software PILOT and PRO Editions of the Q400


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