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I'm currently building a Q400 cockpit slowly and at the moment I'm constructing a FMS. Right now for the FMS display, my solution is to undock the FMS popup in the sim and drag it to my FMS monitor and size it accordingly so that the buttons and bezel do not show. Is there any sort of modification to the panel.cfg file or the gauge itself I might be able to do in order to just have the FMS display pop up, with no buttons or bezel?

Thank you!


  • Hi,

    Have you checked Aviaworx? They run the CDU on a remote tablet or PC and they use a background image, which you could replace I assume.

  • Thank you Reinhard for the response.

    I do have Aviaworx and currently it's what I use for my FMS right now, however I tried messing around with their files and couldn't get anything to work with regards to trimming the image down to just the display.

    Also, I'd like to have something come directly from the sim as sometimes with the aviaworx over the network, there can be delays in what is displayed etc.

  • Have you expressed your findings with the dev of Aviaworx. We ran a few tests for the dev prior to release and saw no issues except for the yellow MSG indication in the top right which flickered intermittently on the Aviaworx display.

    Regarding what you are attempting to do, I don't think we have allowed for that option to be implemented. You can write to us at our Support email and we could possibly discuss it further. Be sure to explain in detail what you are attempting to accomplish.

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