Redundant HUD display when pulling a CB

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Low severity bug within PRO Q400 in P3D v5:

  1. Load aircraft Pro Q400 in v5 with engines running
  2. Open CPT side upper CB panel (shift + 9)
  3. Pull N1 breaker (15 - HGSC)
  4. Observe CPT side windshield

Observed result:
Redundant HUD display appears on the windshielf even though HGSC is stowed.

If HUD is extended and then stowed the redundant display disappears.


  • Hello,
    Thanks for the info of that bug. It has been around for a while and we have made some changes to try and minimize its orrurence, as it would just show up randomly at times even without pulling the breaker.

    Extending and retracting the HUD normally rectifiers the issue. I will however give your process a shot and check it out.

    We do have it on our bug list to tackle again when we are able to start chasing bugs again.

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