Q400 detects crash right after loading (P3D v.5.1)

Hi everyone,

This happens mostly (it seems) at the gate. I bought P3D v.5.1 and the 64 bits Q400 version for it yesterday.
I first had the hydraulics/oil temps abnormal readings, tried uninstalling and reinstalling a few times before discovering the fix on the download page. My bad. Then this. I could not find anything here regarding this problem. I don't have addons installed and not planning on using much apart from P3DWX and maybe eventually a world texture pack. I installed with admin rights. I just use Windows Defender at the moment. I run Win 10 home 64. Quite reluctant to reinstall as I only have 2 installs left on day 2 of owning the plane and the sim. Thank you in advance for your help.


  • I failed to mention that I actually have FLAi installed. Also, it does not happen all the time (but very often) with default P3D planes and it looks like it's happening more often at gates G 28, G 29 and G 30 at YUL. Small gates?

    Hope this helps,


  • Update: It looks like it's also doing it with default AC finally. Looks like the problem could be on Lockeed-Martin's side...

  • Copy that you suspect LM.

    Which version of the Q400 do you own, the PILOT or PRO Edition? If it is the PILOT Edition you may have to apply the patch which can be downloaded from the USER AREA on the Majestic Software website.

  • Just for the record, LM admitted the bug is on their side. They say to deactivate crash detection for now. Thank you Kroswynd!

  • Ok.....when you speak of Crash you mean crashing with an object. Yes the best solution would be to disable crash detection, as most of do with the FSX/P3D platforms as there can be oddities resulting in the unexpected crashing into invisible walls etc.

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