Ground crew voices in Cockpit

I’m not real familiar with the sound tab of the control panel. Is there a way to increase. The volume of the ground crew announcements or to route them to my headset?


  • For some reason crew announcements are very low volume and muffled sounding. All of the P3D communications, ATC, GSX all sounds nice and clear so I'm wondering if there is a specific volume control for these announcements. I think it must be in the .ini file.

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    Normally to change "volume levels", you have to edit the ini file.

    Found in the Q400 install folder; simobjects/Airplanes/mjc8q400/ini.
    Make a backup of the ini file before making any changes.
    Open the ini file in notepad.
    Scroll down to the [Sound] section.
    left_engine_sound_level = 50,70,85
    right_engine_sound_level = 50,70,85

    The numbers = the sound levels in % (from 0..100), for cockpit, cabin and external views respectively.

    Increasing the volume of the default ground crews for the Q400 would require one to adjust the sound file(s) of choice for the pushback sequence, in this case. These sound files can be found in the "scriptlib" under "pushback". Using a sound program one should be able to manipulate the volume to one's liking. We however have programmed many of the files to reflect what they should sound like (it will not always be to everyone's liking), which is why we allowed for users to change on their own.

    The cabin announcements will sound muffled because normally the flight deck door is closed, and in most cases pilots have their headsets on. In some cases we used to leave one ear open to if not interested in using the boom mic function in the flight deck, but the cabin sounds were still muffled although a bit clearer.

  • Thanks for the explanation Kroswynd.

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