About Training edition

How is the progress?
Does it contain FMS update?(New version)
Thank you!!


  • Why hasn't anyone responded to me? Was it such a difficult, hard-to-answer question?I'm not angry by any means.Thank you!
  • Hello, don't be so impatient. If you don't know anything about it, you can't answer. Perhaps you will already find some answers here http://majesticsoftware.com/forums/discussion/704/the-majestic-2020-roadmap#latest

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    We do have regular lives and families just as you do, and we will respond when able to do so.

    Progress on the Q400 Training is going along as planned. Kindly have a look at our Products page for functions that will be included in the TRAINING Edition. I am not sure what update for the FMS you may be referring to, but we have implemented most of what the FMS that we modeled is designed to have.

    Thank you!!

  • Thank you all for replying to me!

    I also knew about the roadmap. I was just curious to see if things were going well in the period between then and today.

    As for FMS, I'm wondering if the version is different from the current one.

    I made that determination because the font color in WAYPOINT was different than the actual version.

    Either way, I'm looking forward to it!

    Thank you!
  • When you say actual version, you may be aware that there are different versions of the UNS - FMS, of which we modeled the 1K (if my memory serves me correctly). Regarding updates we do not provide one-one updates but will make announcements as we see necessary.


  • Thank you for your reply. I know it's time to close this question section around here, but I just wanted to check one thing.

    From what I've found out, isn't UNS-1E the mainstream for dash8?

    Is there a dash8-400 in existence that uses UNS-1K?
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    At the time that we developed the Q400 the model used was using the 1E, excuse my incorrect data in the previous post as I work with the 1K for my real job, opposed to the 1E that was used for the Q400 .

    Plans of implementing the 1Ew is not planned at this time as we have put a lot into reworking the FMS over the last few years.

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