C&D state

Hi, after flight i tend to save scenario. I have made scenarios for all my fav planes. Next flight i start by loading saved scenario. Unfortunately automatic cold and dark state does not activate even such option is set in cpan. Is it a known bug or limitation ?
My sim P3D5.2, Q400 PRO of course


  • P3D v5 introduced some issues with the CPAN which we have requested that LM look into. Until that issue is addressed (hopefully) there is work around that can be executed, and works if done correctly.
    1. Open the cpan as administrator (this can be done with the sim closed).
    2. Select the panel state of your choice.
    3. Click the APPLY button at the bottom of the CPAN
    4. Open the mjc84. Ini and check the status of the panel state

    You speak of saved scenarios. Are they not loading in the state of which the scenario was saved? What I would suggest is to attempt loading the same scenario a second time to see if it loads correctly. We are have been looking for a solution on this issue as it was introduced in version 4
  • I assume that when loading saved scenario, then regardless of state i left my plane after last flight i will have C&D as such is set, but after loading of saved scenario there is even no green bar announcement about entering C&D. If i do not use saved scenario, but will choose Q400 from P3D start up menu, then C&D activates, so problem is only about saved scenarios.

  • As mentioned try loading the scenario twice
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