Q400 falls-through sloping runways and/or taxiways.

Q400 falls-through scenery! … Using Aerosoft Svolvaer X (which seems to make use of SODE for the sloping runway) it falls-through and seems to remain at the lowest elevation of the airfield, even at the high end. I have seen similar posts for other airports, so I’m guessing this is a known issue. It doesn’t happen to stock aircraft. I’m using the Q400 PRO and P3d v4.5. I guess the Q400 doesn’t belong at such a short runway, but can it be fixed? I had a similar issue at Trondheim X, but solved it by adding a transparent apron polygon, which retained a flat surface which it didn’t fall through. Is this a SODE compatible issue? I guess, I could create a sloping runway surface (with help from Don Grovestine’s tutorial) to match Aerosoft’s Svolvaer sloping runway, but is there a “proper” fix? Any help much appreciated.


  • Hi,
    Only training and cockpit edition support surface slopes. With the pro edition you should use airports with flatten terrain.

  • This is an issue that we have worked on ferociously to correct and we thought we did. However, it worked for some airports but not all. We have not given up on trying to fix the issue, but it is one of though issues that we have had to put on the back burner for now.

    I do agree it is frustrating but due to our FDM operating outside of the P3D platform this does pose several challenges.

  • Thank you kroswynd. It's not a massive problem, but once I find an issue I feel the need to fix it! Seems to me that Svolvaer X is created differently to most other airports, making heavy use of SODE for the airport terrain model. Would have worked if they'd created an alternative option with an airport flatten and flat runway. However, to be fair they don't sell it as P3Dv4 compatible. If you do get the issue fixed I'd be very pleased to hear it.

  • Incidentally, the PRO (and presumably other versions) actually does cope with sloping runways (see screenshot of Orbx's EGPB)- in fact it works extremely well!

  • Hi,

    Today I flew with my Majestic Dash Q400 (Training edition) to LDSP (scenery of Davor Puljevic) and wanted to park at parking position 12. Suddenly the plane was sinking with the front into the ground. I assume, this has something todo with the modelling of the surface, as there is a road going beneath the terrain.

    I tried with a different plane and this was no problem on the same spot.

    My setup: P3D v5.3 with latest HF, Majestic Q400, training edition 1.024

    Maybe this is also related to the topic discussed above.

    Best regards

  • Already discussed in this thread:


    Unfortunately without any solution till now...

    The issue with continuous bouncing and sinking also happens at EDDM (sim-wings pro, version at al 8 entry points, at EDDP (Digital Design) taxiways W1, E7 and E8 and at EDDF (simflight) taxiway P1 and P. With this issue you are unable to taxi correct and follow the ATC instructions.

    Still waiting for an update (or the chance to downgrade to the previous version)

    Best regards,

  • Hi,

    I reinstalled the PRO - but at that airport also the PRO is sinking in the ground. So in that case I assume, that's how the scenery in LDSP is made. But anyhow thanks for pointing to the other thread. Hopefully we get the fix (and some other we are waiting already) in near future.


  • Hi,

    I have to correct one thing: It's the ORBX LDSP scenery. I used the scenery of Davor in the past but changed to the ORBX scenery some months ago.


  • Agreed it is certainly some sceneries from Orbx (there may be others). If I recall when testing was done it was done specifically on a few to get the aircraft working such as PAKT.

    This will probably have to be listed as one of the additional flaws of the Q400, because working with each individual airport will be time consuming, and certainly not a guarantee that it will address the issue for all.

    Thanks for all of the feedback on the matter.


  • Hi,

    In the meantime Nick Cooper from ORBX tested the airport of LDSP and confirmed, that the Q400 is sinking in the ground at that specific area and that other aircrafts have no problems there. So we have to live with that problem until someone finds a solution.


  • Hi @aua668,

    Thanks for the feedback. This unfortunately (at this time) is going to be a flaw of the Q400 primarily due to the flight dynamic modeling.
  • Another airport detected with this issue: ENVA (Aerosoft/simflight)

    So it seems that the list of P3D addon airport sceneries, which are incompatible with the Q400, ist getting longer and longer...

    I really love this bird and have flown it for many years. But now I am a bit disappointed and frustrated that I am unable to use it on certain flights on Vatsim: I am forced to disconnect from the network before the actual flight begins because I am unable to follow the taxi route.

    Hence my repeated request: resolve this bug and send us an update...


  • Hi guys,
    just small observation. As I was beta tester for Training edition, I didn't notice this behaviour on any beta version.
    After installing published Training version I notice this behaviour on few airports. One of them AEROSOFT SIM-WINGS PRO MUNICH. I'm sure that it was ok before with Beta.
    Passing over S6 or S8, aircraft flipped out.
    Best regards

  • Ok. Tried on T2G EDDM. Same problem. Definetly not present with beta.

  • @ehasanov - kindly make an entry on the bug testing site. Thanks

  • @kroswynd - I sent you a message. Thanks

  • @ehasanov said:
    @kroswynd - I sent you a message. Thanks


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