New Cockpit Lighting

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I have made a new Cockpit lighting, which is more warm and cozy, like I like it :smile:!AVh0EK6Y!2k3CINPOywCitRGIJE1RA-D0GGxj5G75Ddq0wHc9_eM

Readme included

I use Envtex and Envshade.

I also fixed the bug where the domelight shines through the model. I had at least this bug with the original effect file.

Have fun with it :)


  • Link isn't working

  • Appears to work just fine

  • Awesome mod, thanks!

    P.S. Please consider converting dds vc texture to bmp - it makes no difference in terms of size and performance, but will simplify life for those of us who prefer to copy&paste their settings as a whole (I have a folder with all my Dash "mods", liveries, sounds etc., which I just copy into P3D folder).

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