Engine Rating MCP?

Hi there,

today i got the following engine Rating by chance, without having moved the throttles at all.

left engine suddenly became Mode MCP instead of MCR 74%
right engine remained Mode MCR 80%

I was unable to adjust both engines percentage (%) to get the same figure again.

Just at the beginning of that strange behaviour there came a message " TRQ Uptrim" on the engine display. What does that mean?


  • Just guessing; it sounds like an ADC failure.

  • Think you are right- thanks!

  • So there isn't an active engine rating "MCP" at all, but on engine 2 this rating was shown in my case.Figured out, that this probably has to read the normal "MCR" rating instead of "MCP" The message " Uptrim TRQ" itself seems to appear completely automatically, as in my case. Found the following information for this issue. Can anyone figure out the correct step by step workflow, for the case, that this happens again? For me there is no exact clue to this at present time.


    ENGINE DISPLAY CALLOUTS. UPTRIM ANNUNCIATION (white)-displayed as soon as the increased uptrim power is request from the Fadec (MTOPengine mode is set by the FADEC).-MTOP is displayed by the rating annunciator if RDC TOP is not selected, else RDC TOPwill remain-the message is presented in reverse video for the first 5 seconds of display to annunciatethe status change-otherwise or if the data is invalid, nothing will be shown.

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