Win10 Update Chaos?

Has anyone else had problems since the latest (September) Win10 update? I've been away from my SIM for a few weeks and on returning find that some functions / switches are unreliable.


  • I have the same problems in W7. Flickering instruments, starting knobs does not work.

  • I deleted and reinstalled the Dash - it seems OK now.

  • Thank you.

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    Where is the order number located so I can reinstall my Q400 . I cannot find that info . Started up P3D today and the Majestic Q400 is no longer in my livery in P3D for some strange reason ;-( .

  • Some users will experience a protection issue with the Q400 after Win10 performs an Update. The only solution to remedy this issue is to un-install and re-install the Q400 (be sure to do so by using Administrator Rights by right clicking on the installer).

  • Which is one of the reasons I have totally disabled Windows 10 Updates till they get their house in order. It's not just with flightsims!

  • Professionally I experience a lot of troubles in using Win 10 mostly after updates.

    I do not know if I am right but as I have a computer dedicated for the Sim with nothing else on it, I intend to stick to Win 7 even that it is not going to be updated in the coming months.

    However I would be interested to know if the next Q400 updates would be working with Win 7 and the Pro or would they be only Win 10 compatible ?

    An answer would be kindly appreciated as I am going to update my computer in the next few days with another graphic card, bigger SSD and more RAM.



  • @jpgmultimodal

    The upcoming version of the Q400 will work with Win 7 without issues


  • Thank you so much Simeon.

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