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  • OK, dozen of blind trials, but success! Everything is working fine., only just purchased visual pack is unusable with 1_025a but can live with that. Thank You Kroswynd for help and patience. Here is my final set up
    in 125Hz Comment by Artur January 8
  • Gust lock - that was it! Slowly getting through. Now need to figure out rudder and voila :-)
    in 125Hz Comment by Artur January 8
  • If '0' seems to be correct number for my joystick then why elevators are working and ailerons not ? Also strange is that for several seconds after initialization start up everything works fine, suddenly at some point things get changed and yoke get …
    in 125Hz Comment by Artur January 8
  • Uninstalled 1_025 plus visual pack, and reinstalled 1_025 plus 1_025a ( without visual pack). Now fonts are crispy as they should be
  • My brakes are correctly calibrated and confirmed by Control Panel\ Flight Control section. 'Muddy' feeling is subjective, will observe more as soon as my plane will be operational again :-)
    in Sticky ground Comment by Artur January 8
  • I have tried to download this tool, but i am not registered there and cannot see option to sign in. Regardless of this tool which additionally is not supported by You, i should be able to get 125Hz by reproducing steps described in the Manual. Answ…
    in 125Hz Comment by Artur January 8
  • But then i cannot install visual enhancement pack, as it says can be installed only up to version 1_025.
  • That video shows steps that are explained in the Manual, nothing new here. I did all required steps and still i do not have control. I assume that will not get more help in this forum, so will issue a ticket to get more tailored support.
    in 125Hz Comment by Artur January 8
  • I just downloaded 1_025 from user area, do not know what do u mean by 'correct update'?
  • Noticed that during early stage of plane initialization process, yoke moves in all directions, at some point ( green bar shows steps ) things changing and yoke get locked. I feel like i make my own diary here...
    in 125Hz Comment by Artur January 7
  • Ok, i have figured out reverse logic, yet still ailerons do not move an inch. Saw other posts where people had different numbers than 'J0' - how to figure out which is a proper number ?
    in 125Hz Comment by Artur January 7
  • I have deleted P3D assignment for elevator and ailerons. During taxi plane drifts heavily to the left, and yoke only moves fwd and back in reverse logic. Would anyone guide me here?
    in 125Hz Comment by Artur January 7
  • Yes, my MFG are regularly calibrated
    in Sticky ground Comment by Artur January 7
  • Visually plane was not covered with ice so i did not linked those two factors - thanks for help.
  • Indeed it was snowy and misty. Shall i use intake heaters prior start up?
  • Freddy - i have set my 30fps in NVIDIA leaving P3D5 setting as 'unlimited'. Monitor refresh is 60Hz. As said i have rock solid 30 frames. In NVIDIA i have set 'adaptive vsync' as such gives me even better smoothness. As said my system is set and opt…
  • Kroswynd - sorry for my harsh words, i didn't want to sound like that. My point is that Q400 is study level plane and i suppose that very small amount of users care about improvements done to passenger area. Q400 is brilliant but already old plane a…
  • I assume that when loading saved scenario, then regardless of state i left my plane after last flight i will have C&D as such is set, but after loading of saved scenario there is even no green bar announcement about entering C&D. If i do not…
    in C&D state Comment by Artur November 2021
  • Just wondering why to spend time and effort to detail passenger cabin or rivets outside? If u did proper shadow model or make volumetric lights i would buy this package in the blink of my eye.
  • TYR521 - as u are such talented graphic artist, could u redone beacon, position and strobe lights to bring those closer to 2021 sim standards ?
  • On the ground regardless of payware airport i use everything is butter smooth, stuttering starts when in the air. It looks like situation develops with time. Sorry to say but making movies is way off my abilities. During stuttering fps are rock s…